Savor: A Mindful & Emotional Eating Workshop 

Do you eat to cope with or avoid emotions?  The moment you face a deadline, night alone, or frustrating conversation, do you find you can't get through without food?   
When you apply mindfulness to how you eat... what, when, how much, and why you eat often changes.  Waiting just around the corner is a big, bright world where food is easier. And food is medicine.
Unsure if you are an emotional eater? Check out this quiz!

If You Are Dealing With:

~ Emotional eating to cope with stress, boredom, depression or dissatisfaction

~ Feeling out of control with food or the desire to eat "cleaner" but cravings get in the way

~ Guilt or shame when you eat certain foods

You Will Learn:

~ The science of emotions: why we use food to cope and what to do about it

~ Strategies to address feeling out of control and experience every morsel

~ An approach for knowing what you are really craving

Co-developed by JustHealth and Visit Yourself

Who should sign-up?

~ This two-hour workshop is perfect for those interested in a science-of-emotions-infused, skills-based workshop that helps ease how we relate to food, cravings and emotions.  

When & Where? Upcoming Dates...

New dates coming soon!

"Great workshop. I was looking for suggestions on what to do about mindless/binge eating and got ideas to try out right away. Thank you!"

-- Subola Kujore, Washington, DC

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