JustHealth: Integrative Mental Health Awareness Workshop

Mental illness, in all its forms and degrees, is as much a part of life as physical illness. Yet, we often feel devastated or at a loss when we or those we know experience symptoms. JustHealth examines the divide between “mental” and “physical” health and promotes the understanding that they are interconnected, even interdependent.

No need for stigma, shame or fear. It's just health

This workshop empowers participants to learn more about mental health and illness, and presents options for healing. With a mental illness, what is actually going on in the body, brain and mind? What can we do about it? Scientific advances, clinical research and integrative approaches are offering more answers. Just Health spreads the word. 

It is easy to brush off warning signs when it’s time for help. We equip people to recognize what depression, mania, anxiety or delusions may look or feel like in real life. We help people tell the difference between a “phase” and an illness. 

  • Understand real-life symptoms of common mental illnesses.
  • Learn to distinguish between a feeling or a “phase” and an illness.
  • Discuss the relationship between mental and physical health.
  • Defeat stigma by understanding root causes of mental illness.
  • Increase understanding of recovery options.

"Jill has a passion for educating about mental illness and the realities of recovery. She impacts the community in a way that is candid and compassionate." -- Sophie F. Clark, Executive Director, National Alliance on Mental Illness DC

"Training was extremely informative and educational." -- Wayne Powell, United States Capitol Police

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