Intro to Mindfulness Fundamentals: Skills for Everyday Life 

By learning simple but powerful skills such as mindful breathing, listening, seeing and talking, and practices such as mastering a body scan, this workshop provides tangible ways to build mental wellness.  Learn about mindfulness.

If you are dealing with:

~ Negative or racing thoughts, or insomnia

~ Depression, stress or anxiety

~ Feelings of inner emptiness or dissatisfaction

You will learn ways to:

~ Quiet your mind

~ Gain self-acceptance

~  Begin deepening self-awareness to uncover root causes behind emotions


Unsure how and if mindfulness really works?

~ You will also learn the relationship between mindfulness and mental wellness and the impact of mindfulness on the brain and body.


Who should sign-up?

~ This 90-minute workshop is perfect for those interested in learning mindfulness fundamentals for the first time, and for those wishing to deepen their practice, or overcome the challenge of fitting mindfulness into a busy schedule. 


When & Where?

Next dates coming soon!

JustHealth @ Transformational Acupuncture

1645 Connecticut Avenue Northwest, Washington, DC 20009 (no elevator) Dupont Circle

“Instead of letting my mind race to ‘am I doing this right?’ and ‘is the person next to me doing it better,’ I was able to relax and actually practice. This preview…had me walking away from the class with tactics I could use. I even used them when I was walking to work today!” -- Sara P., Washington, DC

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