From Learning It to Living It: Mindfulness in Six Weeks 

Do you want to use mindfulness when you really need it?  Now that you’ve learned the fundamentals, or if you want to jumpstart from here, this 6-week workshop series prepares you to take it up a level. It's for those who would like the support of a class to give mindfulness a solid try. Start reconstructing and stop deconstructing how you live.   

If you are dealing with:

~ Being "stuck" with where you are in life

~ Depression, stress or anxiety

~ Distracted or fearful living that postpones the life you want to live

~ Mentally repeating or planning for difficult experiences, over & over

You will learn and practice ways to:

~  Become aware of your internal autopilot to grow capacity for new direction

~ Design a mindful pause to stop revolving thoughts and mental to-do lists  

~ Use routine moments to create calm and loosen the weight of depression or anxiety

~ Mindfully get through difficult interactions and experiences

Who should sign up?

This workshop is for those interested in developing a mindfulness practice that sticks. Each week we apply new skills, and you’ll receive take-home exercises so you can live more mindfully in real life. Did you take Intro to Mindfulness Fundamentals? Contact us for your discount code. 

Can I register after the start date?

Absolutely, if we have slots available. We can help ensure you still get full or greater value out of your registration (see below.)

What if I need to miss a class? 

While the series provides a complete set of mindfulness fundamentals, each class is a whole unto itself. This means you'd be able to pick it back up if you need to miss a class or two. In that case, we can provide you a complimentary voucher to attend a future workshop for up to two date(s) you miss, good for six months from your date of purchase.

The voucher(s) allow you attend: any mindfulness intro or special topic class (e.g. Mindful & Emotional Eating), any single class in a 6-week mindfulness class series, or another of our JustHealth workshops.  We find the voucher system allows participants the most flexibility while still encouraging attendance each week for the full experience. If you have any questions, please contact us.

"Jill is a phenomenal trainer. I've tried these types of classes before with no success. Jill's calming voice and passion for her students helped me truly   understand the mindfulness training. I didn't want it to end!" -- Adrienne Lightfoot, Program Coordinator,  D.C. Department of Behavioral Health

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